I can't letchu go, really hard to say I try to show / but I just can't letchu know, all that's in my heart I will not be vulnerable (2x)

You and all the heart games, you play with me / be pulling on my strings like you specialize in puppetry / can't seem to get enough of we, when where together / it's like your presence keep me straight in every single type of weather / heaven sent or better greatest of Satan's temptation / been weighing my options but you got my scale swaying / Got me misbehaving playing boxer beating it down proper / starting conversations about anything good brain smart talker / wanna lock your finger down, you need a crown / side star in my car when we ride round the town / You hold it down for me, round when the dough wasn't risen up / liven up my life, aint just the night cause you not a slut / but your body banging got me excited just from hanging / giving love for free but not for cheap the price is time staying / in ya company wondering all times what on your mind / so you must stay by me forever Shawty please be mine

Tell me what you want, what you need / when you around me, let yourself breath you can be free / I'm a liberator, mood creator get it just right for you / so please don't fight me girl, I aint tryna ignore ya / I know I can bore ya always being so uncertain / but them other aint for him we barely even flirting / just want to put that work in with you and only you / but if you with this miss I ask you just be true / cause it's all about you and the happiness you keeping / I mean I'd do anything even fleeing us leaving you / who else can make you smile I aint concerned / but in the here and now I consider it our turn / to let this torch burn, earn a place in your heart got / your mind, make it logical a permanent star spot / in your script, you got me sprung hope it's the same on your side / Cannot seem to find the words to ask you poor I

You see your one of a kind, stay on my mind / keep me motivated so I stay on the grind / could not spend enough time, with you right by my side/ from my thoughts to my crib we arrive in my ride / not a second is dry my dear, you are the cure for / my cold hear, depression, loneliness, I could say more / but words can't capture or express this feeling in my chest deep down / you got into my heart naturally can't help but be round / what I need now is you can you grant me my wish / all that I would do to keep you cool and ensure for you bliss / long for your kiss, your lips against mine aint it special / you aint no trick miss meaning you possess the fundamentals / the end all, one which can't be topped or bettered ever / I put it in a song cause my thoughts couldn't breathe up in a letter / make me better, and please do not forget all that I've share / cause I just don't want to lose you, to think it makes me scared
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Cant Letchu Go Lyrics

A.Tone Da Priest – Cant Letchu Go Lyrics