I'll Stop Loving You When Diamonds Never Sparkle
And Flowers Cease To Grow
When Thunder Doesn't Echo
And Rivers Don't Flow
When Hearts No Longer Wonder
And Hands Are Never Held
When Smiles Are Only Memories
And Hope Is Never Felt
When Trees No Longer Blossom
And The Stars Refuse To Shine
When Autumn Has No Falling Leaves
And Winter No Longer Dies
When Time Has No More Tomorrows
When Rainbows Have No Colour
And When the World Itself Stops Turning
Then and Only Then, I'll Stop Loving You

I'll stop loving you,
When the seas don't move,
And when birds stop singing,
When breeze no longer whistles,
And when I can no longer feel you there,
When my voice makes no sound,
And when my body begins to rot,
When fish turn into fossils,
And when hearts no longer beat,
When your eye's don't look at me the same way,
And when love is a distant memory,
Then, and Only then,
I'll stop loving you
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I'll Never Stop Loving You Lyrics

Anasasis – I'll Never Stop Loving You Lyrics