She states a new theory,
Of how to make more money,
For her love has gone, (love has gone)
And where she used to lay,
Becomes a slope in the mattress,

But no-one seems to care
(No-one Seems To Care)

It's her tears of grace,
And he fell into her hands,
On the day (On the day)
That train left the station,
Of The Hearts Operation,
It's Her Tears Of Grace,
That made you fall,
Into Place,

It's a story,
Of when he felt her,
Tearing up her tights,
Made a ladder,
Of How to get there,

Gripping her tightly,
The streets were so unkind,
Paid her for fucking
(End Of Screaming)

Naked from her head to her toes,
She's finding it hard to smile,
But I walked in and made a scene,
Oh, How else to make him stutter,

'You're fucking my girl, fucking My Girl' (repeat)


How could I tell her,
That there was only one,
That there was only one,
For me, For Me, For Me
(screams: for me)

And baby, Honey, Sweetie, Maybe,
Maybe, Maybe, You Can Find Out Who It Is,
Cos I can't seem to make my own eyes see
(Screams: Make my own eyes see)

You're fucking My Girl, fucking My Girl


Fucking My Girl, fucking My Girl
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Tears Of Her New Found Grace Lyrics

Anasasis – Tears Of Her New Found Grace Lyrics