As I stand on the verge,
I close my eyes,
As I Listen with an urge,
I let out my breath,
Without you is impossible,
But With You is painful,

As She watches you,
As you watch me,
I see the secrets drawn back,
Sketch me a love song,
Give me a key,
That unlocks the pain inside you,

If I fall, I fall for you,
If I cry, I cry with you,
If I die, I know you tried,
If you leave, I'll move on slow,
As I stand, I Stand Tall,
I Reach, and I Touch the Stars,
You Wait, You Pray, You Regret,
You Wish You Had Me,
As I Stand on the Verge,
Of a Breakdown,

And You know you control this,
You know I'm under your will,
And have the utmost stratigy to kill,
You know in the way we kiss,
That Your the Alpha Male,
I'm the omega...

[Musical Brigde]

We will fight for this,
As I stand on the verge,
Of the catastrophic damage,
I Remain here, Waiting without fear,
As I fall off the verge,
I wait for you to catch me...

[Chorus 2x]
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As I Stand On The Verge Lyrics

Anasasis – As I Stand On The Verge Lyrics