Truthfully speaking your adorable,
But it's a shame you hate me,
Because in my eyes,
I see us being quite happy,
Shame that you hate me,

I know you would never admit it,
I don't blame you,
I wouldn't want the pressure with my friends either,
Though a singing bird told me,
That you wanted to kiss me,
So what are you waiting for?


It's a hard smack in the face addiction,
It's like your touch is so tempting,
But from what I hear,
You can slice off my head,
With a simple smile,
And a heart filled laugh,
Whoa! Why do you hate me so?

[Morph Singing & Screaming]

What am I meant to do?
(when I want to love you)
But you hate the way I smile
(you hate the way I dress)
And you hate how I laugh
(You can't stand me)
You can't handle me,
(Your everything to me)
And I'm sorry that I love you so,
(From the pain and hate)
I know you love me too
(Please admit it soon)
I can't wait forever.
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I Can't Wait Forever You Know Lyrics

Anasasis – I Can't Wait Forever You Know Lyrics