You never listen to me
I can't fuckin' take this shit anymore
You fuckin' asshole
I'm taking the baby and fucking leaving you
Fucking hear me mutherfucker

Every time I leave my heart is torn apart
And every time I see these things you know I want to start to change
You can feel it like rain coming down from the sky
And mixing with tears falling from out of my eyes
It's no surprise that my life is similar to a roller coaster
Filled with ups and downs I won't enjoy it till the ride is over
Probably not but it's ok forget it skip it anyway
My feelings are irrelevant to anything we do or say
Now it's not that I don't trust you and my love is infinite
I tell you every chance I get so you will never forget
So you can miss me with that shit
That you be saving in them arguments
Throwing around possessions and destroying our apartment
There's nothing that would happen that we couldn't talk about
But lately we been riffing instead of trying to talk it out
I said that I would never leave you and I still feel the same
But it's killing me inside to fathom that your feelings have changed

(I want to break up with you, I've had it.)
(You're too good for this shit, you know it.)
(I want out, I just want to live my life without you.)
(I'm scared of you, it's over.)

Now you can think me bad for the things I do
But you don't understand it's not all about you
I sit and think through times of how we came to be
And come to realize you're nothing like me now I see

I know I told you when we met that I'm a weirdo
I got a lot of problems trusting other people
I'm filled with evil that leads me into darkness
And when I start this you'll probably say that I'm heartless
And your remark is "I hate you" hear her car skid
She standing in the door crying bitch that's our kid
Your daddy loves you baby your mom's a crazy lady
She's saying all of the things in intent for you to hate me
I never meant for her to leave us like she did
But really I can't blame her cause I know that I'm a dick
I got some issues that I know I need to deal with
But so do you don't act like that at least just keep it real with me
And we can make it feel so surreal
Like I'm dreaming but instead you pack your bags
Give me the finger and tell me your leaving
I know these demons are gonna come get me
So forget we ever met
I hope you don't mind the blood dripping all over my neck


Now you can think
(For the things I do)
Now you can think
(It's not all about you)
I sit and think
(Of how we came to be)
I sit and think
(You're nothing like me, now I see

I never said that I would
I never said that I would
I never said that I would leave you leave you
I never said that I would
I never said that I would
I never said that I would leave you leave you
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The Argument Lyrics

Twiztid – The Argument Lyrics