Karate chopping mothafuckas like (hiyah!)
Lord of the Rings, I'll make the dragon breathe (fiyah!!!)
It won't stop till my heart beat expires
And then I keep it going till the underground retires
We keep it darker then a vampire
With your body in my trunk, with my bumps and my spare tire
M-O-N-O-X-I-D-E, when a disaster strikes, it looks just like me
A wild germ set loose, I'm abused by most
I'm a plague that will wipe out most of the east coast
Come with me, run with me, try to escape
We love, not hate, now can you relate?
Burning me inside, with the pain of never knowing
Can't explain why the rain don't change, it keeps glowing
I'm a lighting rod
Rocking the dead, a little bit frightening and odd
But I never forget, because you know

[Chorus: x2]
It be the all doing, all seeing, all knowing
Chainsaw, baseball bat, and axe toting
Eastside!, white trash with tattoos
This is how the fuck we live!
This is what the fuck we do!

Twiztid in this bitch, double 0-tre
And we crush any nemesis
Jamie Madrox, got shaped like a jellyfish (Like a succubus)
Brain of a scientist
I'm the abominable beast from the east
I'm the walker of the dimension X, in search of inner peace
I'm everywhere and nowhere at the same time
Scales of the book, a savior of mine, remains mummified inside
Inside, where all the negativity goes
Sprayed down with herbicide so love will never grow in this host
And I'm changing forms Scared to death to come in view of great thunderstorms
It hurts far worse, lighting never strikes in the same place twice
You gotta be precise
To exist in the midst of the don't say shit
To the maniacs with eyes in the back of they heads

[Chorus: x2]

Hostile slapping a chicken head And our styles evadable no matter what you said
Is you stupid? You need to clean your earholes
Smash on a clown no matter how many zeros
These superheros don't ride brooms
Smoke Mary Jane, and leave the club with some mushrooms
I don't need no X to fly high, who's the next to die?
I'm already high and trying to stay high

Now everybody blaze a bag of weed and relax
And live your life through the underground with the maniac
Why they saying that? Just because of my tat? Because I'm white and spitting a rap?
Is it cause I keep coming with an axe and an "x" in the middle of my head?
And I wish I was dead?
The only thing I wanted instead was to be left alone
And stay the fuck out of my zone
So come and get me

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White Trash Wit Tat-2's Lyrics

Twiztid – White Trash Wit Tat-2's Lyrics