Daddy I'm high as a cloud looking to touch Anything soft enough I can bust my nuts on
Like them average ass titties of yours
Now I done seen many many pairs of titties before
But them titties right there
Look suckable to me
With the nipple in the middle were the sucker supposed to be
She gotta kinda bangin' booty, kinda more not then so
If I don't drop this load, my nuts are gonna explode

Now I'm stoned sober, in a room full of ugly
And all I want to do is get some ass tonight
And if I play my cards right, and smoke this weed
Then I'll be swimming in some ass like the tsunami
And it won't matter if she kinda looks like a he
Cause as long as I stay high there all dying for me
Bumpin Ron Eisley in the truck with the trees
Getttin high
Hoping this sucky bitch will fuck me

Now you like Madonna with a splash of J-Lo
Mixed with Halle Barry and Anna Nicole
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain
A little Gwen Steffani, some Fergy and Britney
Charlize Theron with some Angelina Jolie
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chair

Sometimes we would get high in the back
And there would always be a girl with a super nipple rack
And I wouldn't hit it with a bat if I'm not stoned
But fuck it since I'm high little ugly got boned
I'm in the zone
My mind kinda trippin' off of this
Everywhere I look is a fine bitch
God dammit I love this weed
Cause every last bitch look good to me

Beauty is skin deep in ugly is to the bone
Ain't no reason that bangin ass need to be havin pants on
I like that upside down heart that lives inside ya G-String
Packed to the max with needful things
Like coochie and butt, watch you jiggle and such
As she walks by with that run way strut
I'm mesmerized
On how much ass, cat, and thighs you manage to stuff inside the Levi's

You look like Jenna Jameson and Vivica Fox
? and Beyonce
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain
A little Paris Hilton and some Gretchen Wilson
With a splash of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain

Your lips are just so soft and supple
I'm willing to bet the farm, she got a tight moose knuckle
I'm seein' so many turkeys that I wouldn't mind stuffin
Like that one right there, I bet you she like it rough and hard
And then she want to cuddle right quick
Turn an indoor hoe into a outdoor trick
Let her suck your dick
In a public bathroom
When there's people on the side of you, taking a doon

Now I'm walking through the mall and I'm high as the sun
And I swear this bitch's ass is looking like a cin-a-bon
And then I go and get a pretzel from Aunt Annie's
Then I fell in love with a flattened fanny
I'm getting out of here, before my penis gets hard
And I get thrown out by the security guards
Feeling like a retard, I'm horny and high
But I'm almost outta weed so I'm saying good bye
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Off The Chain Lyrics

Twiztid – Off The Chain Lyrics