Morality is not a strong point of mine -
Look in my eyes and you'll see the flaw in my design -
Permit the virus to fester and mentally sodomize -
Innocence succumbs to soft kisses and poisoned lies -

Use - the drugs - use - the girl - use - it all and kill the evidence

Weakening defenses lead to experiments -
Initiated under falsified pretense -
The way that you teach lies inside your church
I can taste the world - like cello
Come back down or the world will come around
Decide because the world is what I call used

Wandering aimlessly - stumbling through the dark
Oblivity disquised - as a christian birthmark
Watch as the lines loss - up the side down - catching flow
You're sold out - watch as I can believe - because they'd never deceive
The love is up and down - you suffer - used
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Use Lyrics

Slutbox – Use Lyrics