Concealed in a secret text - masked within the cryptic lines
Invisible time lock - circumstance shock - curious marks lead curious minds
To a place of consciousness - hidden warnings of end game -
The cipher in the flesh - drawn by those which have no name

(You thought you knew the way to get past this - but guess what - you were wrong)

No exit to this in the - end game - nothing inside
No need to cry about the - end game - the world has died

Wars in places slashed with names - identifying enemies -
Connecting dots while skipping spots - name the ones that came to be
Intensifying sequences - chaos - melee - end of days
Predict - restrict - conflicting stories - left right up down passing phase

Countdown to my destiny - I dance within the devils clutch
Fill the space with senseless lines - and shield my eyes from Sodom's touch
Baptism in a bloodstained bath - Torah Torah on the wall
Can't comprehend - the game will end - the crucifix is sure to fall
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End Game Lyrics

Slutbox – End Game Lyrics