Blackness - last breath - visiting - you cannot make a rag doll sing

Covered in safety sheets I will never love you like you love me
Wrapped in safety blankets I'm warm and safe inside
I'll try to keep away from you and lock the doors before I hide
Darkness offers no protection it can't be healthy to have such a sick obsession

Tell me will the parents cry - when the children start to die -
Sleeping beauty lips so soft - murder minded sheets ripped off

Face to face with you it had to come to this
All I wanted was to live all you offered was a kiss
Losing consciousness the room begins to twirl
I'm left to gather pieces in this terrifying world
I was innocent but you tainted me and left me open and Exposed for the world to see

Fighting it - I can't fight this anymore

I thought that I could trust you I thought that you could love
I was wrong to think that you showed me I was wrong
And I lie here slowly dying the heavens softly crying
And in the back of my head I hear it multiplying

What happens when the cure is worse than the disease
You drink the cheap wine cut the mainline and give into imagined needs
Tried to change the modus but the operandi's burned in me
Insulation insulated isolate the fire in me

Blackness - last breath - visiting - you cannot make a rag doll sing
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A Bedtime Story Lyrics

Slutbox – A Bedtime Story Lyrics