Whoaaa you know that feeling?
(no, whats that feeling)

Well here's the feeling...
(hey, tell that feeling)

My stomach is churning
(is it cause you're in love)

My stomach is twirling
(is it cause you saw a ghost)

Ohhh my stomach is curling
(just tell us whyyyy)

I ate too much!!!!

Wayyyy too much
(what did ya eat)

(what did ya eat)

hmm lets see....
(tell me more)

chicken fingers, french fries, and some coleslaw
coke a cola, ice cream, brownie through a straw
(you sound like a fatty)

My stomach is hurting
(its cause you're a fatty)

No one know this pain
(cause no ones as big a fatty as you)

Ohhhh my stomach is huge
(well stop eating, you fatty)

I think i'll go on a diet
(diets never work for fatties)

then hey, i'll just be anorexic
(you can't be anorexic while your a fatty)

what are you trying to tell me?

well shucks, looks like i'll always be a fatty

can i get a milkshake over here?
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Looks Like I'm A Fatty Lyrics

Martian Sexton – Looks Like I'm A Fatty Lyrics