you take some strawberries
mix some bananas
add some ice
and some ice cream
blend it together
and what do you have?

smoothies for you
and some left over for me
because smoothies refresh
they bless
they confess
they are grand
like a rock band

smoothies cooney style are the way to go when your hyper
but when its time to relax gilhuly will rest your back

cooney smoothies make me wild
gilhuly smoothies make me smile

but either way its a smoothie day
and when its a smoothie day, you just have to say

cooney yea yea
gilhuly oh wow

smoothies for you
and some left over for me
with a smoothie in your hand
you will surely see
that life is grand
when your grooving with me

i like to groove cooney style, it makes me wild
when i like to dance and add romance, gilhuly gilhuly makes me prance
as beautiful as florence france

yea yea yea yea

smoothies smoothies smoothies...YUM
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Smoothies For You Lyrics

Martian Sexton – Smoothies For You Lyrics