I saw her from a distance
sipping that green straw
she looked so cute
I wondered why
she couldn't be mine

I had to stop myself
from staring too hard
because she kept catching me

I thought, was she doing the same thing
that I was to her

But then again who isn't attracted to a girl holding a frap
a frap a caramel frap

I walked there the next day
and guess who I saw
the same fine girl sipping from that straw

I ordered my drink, the same as always
It was a frap a frap a caramel frap

I finally got some balls
and walked up to her
I asked if she enjoyed her drink
that thought stupid me
she was holding a frap a frap how could you not love a frap

But anyway for that entire day
I thought of her and how she stood
sipping her frap her frap her caramel frap

So I called her that night
and said lets go out
she said yes as long we could go get a frap a frap a caramel frap

I knew at last I had found my girl
someone who loves the sames things as me

Her name was mary G.

Her friend who was dating my friend

Was named tessa C.

So oh oh oh oh

We talked and we walked along the boarwalk
never ever looking away
until that time, I hate that time
when she looked down and noticed that there was nothing left of her
frap her frap her caramel frap

So I let her have a sip of my drink
And we both knew it was love
because you don't just spare a sip of that drink to just anyone

5 years later, she is my wife and every night we go out
and drink a frap a frap our special tasty oh so anazing caramel frap
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Caramel Frap Lyrics

Martian Sexton – Caramel Frap Lyrics