Hello, my name is your T.V.
We've been together so long
So many memories
We solved so many problems

Situated comedies
I fed you ads and movie stars
And you always fell asleep
In my color bars, but there's this

World outside where the lighting's off
Scenes last too long and you lose the plot
All the girls, they lie and they break your heart
And nothing's done when the streets go dark
Here, see California, where pretty people dream

And the good guy gets the girl by the sunny sea

And when they'd yell upstairs, you'd cry
Little boy inside their lies
In the dark I'd watch your eyes
And I know the way they laugh
The jackals feast behind your back
Here you hide, but still they stab
In the dark I feel you die in that


Now see that icy vacant lot where they made your nose bleed
The flannel spread, the heater on
The world is dead, the sun is gone, here take my hand, I'll take you home
You'll never have to be alone

The picture's warping slowly, the scrolling seems unending
The snowy edges blurring, the bars between us bending
Feel you start to breathe, you are alive inside of me
Forever tan and strong and loved, you'll never bleed again

In dreamy California scenes where bad guys meet their destiny
And the good guy gets the girl by the sunny sea
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Hello, My Name Is Your Tv Lyrics

Ludo – Hello, My Name Is Your Tv Lyrics