I'm watching Kevin Arnold's Wonder Years
Tearfully nostalgic for them days back in '69
When the world was all just me and Paul playing football in the street
And Winnie Cooper was my love

I'm watchin' Jerry Springer make me sick
As America is throwing chairs again and I'm sittin' in mine
It was you and me watching crappy T.V., apathetic together and glued to the screen
Just wasting each other's time, alone with you

I feel my world is starving
There's a metric-ton of Easy Mac in my soul
You, you know it's not the Matrix
That's a movie and this is life we're wasting here
Do you remember the day I asked you to be mine
Fifteen years old, oh God I ached for you
And I remember the way the sun looked on your hair
All that honey-colored air, oh, oh Kate

Let's not be weird
Not be weird

I watching Kevin Arnold's Wonder Years
Squandering my wonder years away as the credits roll by
This isn't my life, that wasn't my day, nor was Daniel Stern dictating what I should say
I'd been waiting for my line, God I feel so far away


I swear it's not too late to jump out of planes
Go soaring against the sky, I don't know why
It's cool to be anti-everything, but everything has left us here
Where everyday is so unclean, a Jell-o mold of mud and beer

I wanna take you way back where the sun is honey in the air
Let's hurry up and leave today before we both just slip away
It'll be okay
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Ode To Kevin Arnold Lyrics

Ludo – Ode To Kevin Arnold Lyrics