Oh, hello.
You must be new I guess At least you're new to me
Saw you unpacking your car So I said to myself
Maybe I should help her out Since we're neighbors now
And all the other people here are elderly And probably a little standoffish
And I've got nothing to do (and whatnot)
By the way I live in 207 My name is Greg
Wherever are my manners Let me get that heavy box

I'm a go-getter guy
With a gun on my hip
But just searching for that someone
To be firing it
I've narrowed down the field
And I'm taking a glance
And I'd say you've got a pretty good chance
To be my girlfriend

What's up Didn't mean to sneak up on you there
I looked downstairs and saw you leaving
So what's up
I haven't seen you at the pool Since the barbecue
Not that I've been checking Here's the deal
I've got this thing For work this weekend And I was wondering If you don't have Anything going on That maybe
OK, hey that's cool You're busy
But we should hit up Jose O'Flannegens For Jello shots Your call
It's OK not this week
But Monday You could come over tonight I'll be watching cop dramas Smoking fatty fatties


I've given it some thought
And I really think
That you could use A guy like me
In your life Looking after you
A man to take you home A hand for you to hold
And I'd never Leave you alone!


I'm a go-getter guy
I'm a go-getter guy
I've narrowed down the field And I've taken a glance
And I'd say you've got a pretty good chance
To be my girlfriend

I'll leave it there
Call me back
Call me back
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Go-Getter Greg Lyrics

Ludo – Go-Getter Greg Lyrics

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