Loverboy - Emotional Lyrics

I can't promise you pearls and diamonds, I got no Rolls Royce
And you know it's a good thing if I give you any choice
But you've heard all this before hand, now baby won't you dry your eyes
And take some disappointment from our lives

Now it's a delicate situation, I'll be as gentle as I can
Seven long years of rock and roll should show you where I am
But you heard all this before hand, about the things that I don't do
We're gonna make it by this time, it's up to you

You're so emotional, you're so emotional
You never use your head, give your heart a rest, you're so emotional
You're so emotional, emotional, so god damn down right emotional
Now use your head, give your heart a rest, so emotional
You're so emotional
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Emotional Lyrics

Loverboy – Emotional Lyrics

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