Lensed eye does spy the vanity
The mirror mirrors mine
You track the tactful pantomime
A lie
A lozenge lost in lung and lapsis linguae lingers lost
I found a faith in fantasy
You filled the felt w/ ink
My pen was licked w/ paint and pitch
Of prides imprint
Self love hides behind
Contempt for ones own grand design
A levelling of grandeur of a kind
The limit of the vandal and the crime
God made you this way
For a reason
In his image
Obsession for obsessions sake
A bauble
A frantic shaken snowing bulb
A wintry, Christmas kind
Was cracked and leaking saline slime
Was bounced from walk to flooding grate
Unmercifully tossed
And placed beneath the chimney, intent
To fill the vial w/ ink
My pen ran drink
W/ scratching signs
All scars besides
I love me too
You love you too

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Mirror, Mirror Lyrics

Look What I Did – Mirror, Mirror Lyrics