Girls are cute, they rarely poot
And they have wet vaginas
When I was in school, I wasn't cool
Kids thought I was too conflicted
So I thought that a girl would rock my world
If I was a rock n' roll singer
I guess I was wrong, it wasn't too long
Till I learned to drug them and rape them
Fake glasses, good vision, indie pop here I come,
Now I'm gonna get laid! last call, for rufenol
So I traded my skirt for a flowerdy shirt and hip huggin dickies
Got a get-up kids patch for my one strap pack,
And some frivolous glasses
The girls will jump up and down to the power pop sound
And think that I am romantic
When I'm done with the show, everyone will know,
That I'm surely gonna get some, sweet pussy!
Oooh eeeeh ooh I look just like river's cuomo!
Is this a satire?
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Last Call For Rufenol Lyrics

Look What I Did – Last Call For Rufenol Lyrics