If you're ever tangled up
In the lines that you can't see
And the struggle makes it worse
And you're as tired as you can be
If the habit's hard to break
From all that time out on your own
And you blame yourself 
When somebody treats you wrong
You got to hold on to me
Hold on  

Always and forever love
Now those are pretty words to say
But it's never good enough 
In this world we know today
I don't care if people see me
Bring my feelings around for you
I spent a long time out there running
And from the first light there I knew
You got to hold on to me
Hold on

I remember what you told me
About resistance and the plan
So I kept it in my dreamtime 
And I wrote it in the sand  

Now I won't ask you to save me
And you don't need me to be strong
There's a comfort in knowing for now 
Where we belong

You got to hold on to me
Hold on
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New Love Song Lyrics

Jeff Black – New Love Song Lyrics