High on a hill
The valley below me
The blue sky above me
My dream was so real
I could not hear
The hum of the highway
Or the drums of the foundry
Pounding out steel

I didn't need no money
I didn't need no time
I didn't need nothing
But my own piece of mind
And to know that
A voice like a whisper
Is bound to be heard
For just one moment
I'm the king of the world
For just one moment
I'm the king of the world

So I close my eyes
I let the power defeat me
Because the real world can't free me
From this dirty old town
Where the four winds blow
I send my troubles rolling
Since the world just kept turning
I let it go round

See I took it all in
Like time takes forever
In a dream that you never
Believed would come true
Then I gave it away
I just had to surrender
Man I just can't remember
When I felt so good
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King Of The World Lyrics

Jeff Black – King Of The World Lyrics

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