We lost jennifer to the myth of independence
I tried to tell her that she might lose her mind
Her daddy's dreams came true the day she hit the highway
Without me now though I am sure she's falling behind
We lost tommy to the powder and the stranger
And a wicked sense of humor that nobody understands
When everything gets funny man and there ain't nobody laughing
Kind of makes you wonder how much love slips through your hands

Sing hey la lay it's a long way to go
And a fair fall from on high
Don't look down because we're almost home
Where we can easily touch the sky
Where we can easily touch the sky

We lose a lot I guess in the name of aspiration
Gravity is sure to pull a number of us down
You would think that things get easier
In this age of information
Goes to show that nothing ever changes in this town

Through all the miles and the big mistakes
We blow the candles out on the birthday cakes
And we wonder where the wish might take you now
Through all the trials and the tough tough breaks
We sow the seeds for goodness sakes
And we reap the hope that you make it
Through somehow

Well I'll be damned
Look who's cutting through the bramble
Through the mire and the miracle just to find a way
Welcome back to graceland baby
It sure is good to see you
We missed you in the meantime
Though man, you haven't missed a thing
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A Long Way To Go Lyrics

Jeff Black – A Long Way To Go Lyrics