Yo, yo, yo. What's up? It's your boy Ganksta Nip.
Showin' love for everybody.
Lettin' everybody know it's a new millennium. We gotta get our minds right.
We can't go into the new millennium with the old mind state.

Which is ignorance, know what I'm sayin?
We gotta come together, pull our resources,
praise God, and hope, for the best.

I over came everything
Every obstacle tryin' to hold me down
And young G that's a shame
The way brothers do brothers cold

It ain't worth sellin' your soul to go gold
And that ain't real, and I'm a tell you the deal
Homies locked in the pen, tryin' to get in the pen

I gotta, keep strivin' and raise on up
And you can't hold me down like that Mase and Puff
I keep God in my heart I stay so smart
Billboard psychopath, and I'm holdin' the charts

I can't be held down I can't be held
Hold up, I think I just saw the five-o's roll up
Never ever on the street can i let somebody drop me
My determination is to great to let somebody stop me

Psycho Nip, South Park, A soldier with heart
And I got love for Lil J for givin' me my start

[Chorus: x4]
I gotta keep strivin' and raise in up
And you can't hold me down like that Mase and Puff

Rest in peace Fat Pat, cause cops goin' drop
Same thing Big Steve, cause the love don't stop
Bobby Boy, ESG, and Lil Keke
And bring it back to DJ Skew and I'm the psych N-I-P

And see-Note, Mad Hatter player keep on sippin'
Herschelwood understood D-E-A ain't trippin'
We showin' love everybody comin' with skills
KB [?] house park side keepin' it real

And we ain't trippin', even bout no [???] man
Holler at the South Park Mexican
For real, this the deal, Psycho Nip come skills
Robert Muhammad, mosque 45, knowledge to build

But I'm a psycho thug I come from down south
And I'm holler at Lo' Light, 5th Ward Boys in the house
And Double-O, E-Roc, Yellow Twins ain't afraid
and if it wasn't for Scarface I would of never got paid

[Chorus: x4]

And I'm from H-Town, where we hustle for skriller
Where my hustlers move keys young playa we killers
All Day MLK these boys slang lley
Ounce, six quarters, halfs, and bust AK's

We roll thick, trick, we [???] with guns
And if we don't hit the weed lounge
We goin' hit the [??], for real
Who's the rapper to put South Park and the map
It was me N-I-P Psycho Nip with a strap, for real

You know what I'm sayin'?
It's your boy Ganksta Nip.
First player world wide with an album from South Park.
Much love to J.B. on the track. Slash on the mix. Know what I'm sayin'?

And it's done, engineered at Pyya Rhytums.
My boy steve, Happy Alone Records, Corpse-Town. We keepin' it real.
S.P.C. Psych Ward, Wreckless Klan, Mosque 45. ( huh )
We can't be stopped.

[Chorus: x4]
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Keep Striving Lyrics

Ganksta N-I-P – Keep Striving Lyrics