I have one question for the whole wide world.
Is, do yaw like scary movies?
It seems to me yaw do.
Freddy and them, I'm jealous of them niggers man.
Know what I'm sayin'? For real.

Guns cocked, a nigger dropped shot in his head
It don't stop til his body rocked shot in his leg
Hold him down on the ground
Then we all take turns

And you would think we were squishing on worms
I'm on that dip nigger nip nigger gotta an AK
Watch me hypnotize the earth make em do what I say
And make the good people rich

And the others don't bother
Make the evil start killin' up there mothers and fathers
And fuck America, now the psych is steppin' on toes
Bill Clinton got at least twenty-seven more hoes (yaw don't believe me)

Short ?? take a life, an eye for a brain
While cats in the mortuary seem untamed
Kinda scary, Sleepin' by them graveyard bones
It's just the way they just sit in the tombstone

Crooked cops the brutality would stop
If we all came to gather and just did like Pac, and bust

[Repeat: x4]
Do you like scary movies (yes)

And I'm the psychopath ready for war
And I'm a let the nigger go if his keys in the car
Everyday mind state I call it psych mentality
Set it straight, Norman Bates is the psycho reality

Casualty, nigger thirsty for blood
Two pit bulls locked up, one just bled like a flood
Break 'em up let 'em go again give him respect
I saw 'em LOCKED in the same spot twitching his neck

My bad attitude I'm not in the mood
Searchin', for a body so the birds can have food
Nigger, drag him down the street
Til his ass says please

Concrete hurtin' when its scraped to the knees
Do You Like Scary Movies
I'm switchin' to psycho
The darkside... Freddy, Jason, Michael, and chuckie

Candy man, Leather Face young g
These killers will never die cause they live throw me (nigger)

I see brains hangin', it went throw a phase
Some of yaw take notes
while some of yaw graze
The rest of yaw motherfuckers just form one line

Psycho club showin' love and you can have some of mine
Don't try to play me at my show or think I'm a ho
Don't make reenact movies at my motherfuckin' show
And start bustin' like a psychopath, reloadin' clips

Newspaper read 22 slaughtered by NIP
The psycho in side of me conceals itself
But the moment that there's drama it reveals itself
A new man understand with a whole new plan

D-E-A-T-H my man
The sound of a body part popped like a pistol
And most chain saws cut straight to the gristle
Keep dancin', movin', the beat sounds groovy
Don't trip motherfucker you done seem a horror movie

[Chorus: x4]

Hell yea

[Repeat: x4]
Hell yea we love 'em
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Do You Like Scarry Movies Lyrics

Ganksta N-I-P – Do You Like Scarry Movies Lyrics