(Feat. Dope-E)

[Chorus: x2]
Gotta get out of the game, I gotta get out of the game
I gotta get out of the game I'm slangin' the caine
I gotta get out of the game, I gotta get out of the game
I gotta get out of slangin' muthafuckin' caine.

I try to get out, but I can't stop
I knock on wood and pray I don't get popped
N***a livin' lifestyle, don't try to do it
Tha cops made a bust so my dope I had to chew it
I almost blew it, damn dat was close
So I relocated to anotha post
I can't get caught, I've been to jail too many times
Can't get a legit job so I slang to get mine
I'm in it to win it, if ya gank me I'll catch you
And two weeks later they'll find ya floatin' in a bayou
Yo' family, they're cryin', awwh it's too bad
You've been laid in muddy water, eaten by crawdads
They posse found out it was me so now they're after me
A bunch of pussies, they ain't finna come f**k wit me
Cuz then I'll have to shoot 'em, the splatter flesh drama
Do it mafia style and kill all they fu***n' mamas
King of the kingpins collectin' a payroll
You f**k me and I shoot ya, b***h then cement ya ankles
Cuz I got a rep for takin' no s**t, b***h
A serial killa somethin you can't f**k wit
And hoes love a dopeman wit money
But all they get is this black pipe cause I ain't no dummy
They track a bro while he up and this 'I'm when he down
That's why I c** in they a**, laugh and skip town
"No way cuz the game's here" so many disputes
B***h get out my face, I'll pull yo' hair out by yo' roots
Yo' boyfriend owe me money, if ya love 'I'm betta tell it
I wants my muthafuckin' s**t before I kill 'I'm!


[Ganksta nip]
F**k gettin out, my reputation'll stop
If my money ain't legit, yo' mama's heart gets ripped out
Ya wanna gank me but you ain't slick
; Come short one rock?, Aw' man naw, you finna' die, b***h
It ain't funny, ya think I'm a ho?
. 357 to yo' head, why you ain't laughin' no mo'?
Now it's too late, b***h look what ya did
Now here's a to yo' head, for ya' grandkids
Cops try to control me
It takes 852 jail cells to hold me
This Nip? Oh, f**k I'ma this you
A Uzi in my hand, yo' family gon' miss you
I ain't the one to be f****d wit
9mm holopoint cappin' yo' a**, b***h
That crooked cop, he must think that I'm soft
I might start by shootin' up his muthafuckin' house
Got a kilo in my trunk wit sum lead
Mac-10 infrared scope aimed at a cop's head
Ni***z geekin' and kidz geekin' too
; Just say no;, b***h f**k you!
The Godfather, I'm alwayz scopin'
Got them b*****s in my bed wit their p***y wide open
A n***a snitched, he f****d my connection
They found parts of his daddy's head in every direction
Here come the jump-out boys, let 'em jump out
I'll get the Uzi, Dope-E ya get the bomb out
And let's blast in the dark
36 crooked cops just died in South Park.


Creepin' down the street there wit no caine just the other day
There go that n***a who owe me money, and didn't pay
He heard my voice so he bailed down the street
Cuz he know his a** finna' get beat
Over the head wit tha lead of a gun, teach 'I'm don't run
That's the way a n***a be slangin up in Houston
Yo, Nip, grab the pipe, get yo' bat and tha gat
Watch his guts splat, f**k and that's that
Keep my finga on the trigga steady watchin' my stash cash
Gotta move fast cuz cops be watchin' my black a**
See I ain't got a pity over anotha brotha
I'll kill yo' b***h a** and I'm serious than a m*******a.

[Ganksta nip]
Dope! (What up?) Get the muthafuckin' scope
(Got it!) Don't stop shootin', till twenty ni***z croak
Takin' no s**t while I'm slangin'
Gank me, they'll find yo' muthafuckin' lil' girl's throat hangin'
Drug related killins', cops don't bother
16 died from the hands of the Godfather
Lettin' ya know I ain't down for braggin'
Call 911, f**k it, call the meatwagon
You'll die fu***n' wit my dope
Like that n***a they found dead bleedin' wit his neck broke
Slangin' caine ya can never fail
But me and Dope-E see yo' a** in hell, b***h!
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Get Out Of The Game Lyrics