Break downs
All Around
Everyone wearin a frown

Hear that
Hear that sound?
Broken Hearts
All around

Cause its all about
Who you know
And what they do
What they show

Cause friends don't let friends
Take a spill
And friends are there for friends
When they're ill
And a friend who tells you to shut the hell up
And tells you when your wrong
That kinda friend is worthy of a song

Broken ground
Cracking Sounds
Opinions all around

See me
See me here?
Advice I'm giving
Should be clear

Cause its all history
To those in life
And they're the helpers
Whenever there's strife

So hold on
Hold on to the ones
That keep you on the ground
So listen
Listen to the ones
That always make a sound


A friend in need
Is the one who helps
When need is yours
And the world is shit
They're the ones who will sit

Chorus x2
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Where To Turn Lyrics

Broken-Hearted Janitors – Where To Turn Lyrics