Break Her Heart

The words I said
Contempt and hate
The fate I dread
A world gone wrong
And in my head
Is nothing but regret

But I can't go back
And if I could
I know I wouldn't
And I can take that
And that feels good
But I know it shouldn't

When I walked away
Power and happiness
Your lips held sway
Seems long ago
And it's a brand new day
To start over again

Cause a black day
Hangs over you
And the words I say
Might hurt you
And the game I play
Is one I can win, one I can win
And I don't need to atone
For the sin
Not when I'm gonna win


When I walked away
When I heard you say
"Please don't go, don't go away
Please don't hurt me, please stay"

And I'm playing a dangerous game
And it's all the same
To me, to me
Whoa oh ohhhhh


Ohhh whoa ohhh ohhhhhhh
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Break Her Heart Lyrics

Broken-Hearted Janitors – Break Her Heart Lyrics