The world can be cruel sometimes
And we never knew
How much we had with each other
And all the things we could do

It didnt start till it was done
And we never understood
Thats if there isn't any bad
There can be good

If I could do it all again
I'd take you by the hand
Make you understand
That we could've been
We should've been
And we might've been
Something to write home about

Fate had it in for us
And we should've seen
That the others we loved
Well they might've turned mean

When your hair fell round you face
And that dress you wore
The one with blue lace
Cause when you said you'd listen
And I said I'd care
I knew I loved you
Right then and there


So take it back before the start
When we can see
That if we give it a try
Then we can be

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Something To Write Home About Lyrics

Broken-Hearted Janitors – Something To Write Home About Lyrics