She's fun to be with
She's got the looks and the wits
She wears no makeup
And still she stands out

I think I like her, no
I know I love her
Want her to feel that
So, oh, this song is for her

She said she's Spongebob
I said I'm Patrick
I know it's complex
It's out of context

She like to hold my hand
As we watch tv
She hugs me so tight
But it feels so right

Damsel, someday I will marry you
Darling I will wait for you
Just say that you love me too
Damsel, I promise I'll take care of you
Never I'll let go of you
Just say that you love me too

Her smiles are awesome
Brighter than the sunlight
She said I'm handsome
I'm like, "I know right?"

She gives me letters
I give her push pops
She likes to write for me
I like to sing for her


She may not be perfect
But her imperfections make her perfect
I love every single part of you
I'll never be complete without you

[Chorus 2x]
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Damsel Lyrics

Artificial October – Damsel Lyrics