Backstabbin', moneygrabbin', son of a bitch, you're going down
You've been up in the clouds but now you're hitting the ground
Asskissin', sensemissin', you talk a lot of shit
We are playing for you so now you face the music
Misplaced, twofaced kid who got too much attention
How can one fucked up kid cause this much tension
Double-talker, crap-stalker I've had enough

We took you in and believed you were a friend and then you took a crap on us
Now I ask, who can you trust?
We gave you respect, now see what we get, in return you took a crap on us
Now I know, Your no one to trust...

Destroy the scene within and you're hitting the ground
- You're going down

Now sail on through, the wind don't change for you, but you change just like the wind
Blow away and we'll accept your sin
You came from the west, with what we detest, now the direction of the wind,
Has turned, so let us begin... By saying...

You paint a false picture and stick on the wall
How dare you hang around and mock the shit out of us all
Every true artist says: "We're not gonna take it!"
Show your face here again and we are gonna break it
You're gonna pay...
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Junior Lyrics

Abhinanda – Junior Lyrics