(Theyґre) lined up for the executioner. (Theyґre) shot down,
By their own hands. (Theyґre) Tied down, by the ropes of fas-
Cism. (Theyґre) Caught up, in illusions of power. (Theyґre) Locked
In, the cells of ignorance. (Theyґre) played out, on a gameboard
Of greed. (Theyґll) Turn in, and hide away if... (Theyґre) Cast
Our, from their lines of... This rime - Weґll find, the strenght

To break their lines. (Theyґll) line up, for execution. (Weґll)
Blow out, their nonexisting brains. (Theyґll) Turn in, and hide
Away when... (Theyґre) Cast our, from their lines of... Dance to
This. Dance to this. Dance to this. March time. This time -
Weґll find, the strenght to break their lines. This time - itґs
Time, to march and break their lines.
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Let's March Lyrics

Abhinanda – Let's March Lyrics