With nicely wrapped blankets. They had poison and they drank
It. The smoke of their confession is always blown away with
Aggression. Open up your heart and take a look inside. You
Could fill the ocean of emptiness with the tears of happi-
Ness you hide. You try to revenge my refusal by pouring
Poison along my path. I know you know I know, so say no, no!
You try to forget what you regret when you pull your blank-

Ket over your head. But most times itґs a waste of time.
Cause today, the sun shines! Donґt fill yourself with empti-
Ness. Whereґs the happiness in emptiness? Youґve filled me
Full of filth but I could cleanse it clean. Iґve refilled my
Water from the neverending well of bliss. I offer you my
Cup, and I say drink up! Empty that glass of emptiness.
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Emptiness Lyrics

Abhinanda – Emptiness Lyrics