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XanManny Lyrics

YungManny – XanManny Lyrics

[Verse 1: YungManny]
I said hello to my shoota
(uh uh uh uh) Hey Shoot!
Xan, pass me the ruger
I got a Christian Plug, Hallelujah
I heard he a lick... mova
Music Class Put His Head In The Tuba
He not a goon he a goofy goober
Hey Xan... Yeah, Shoot em

[Verse 2: XanMan]

On the block niggas know that i'm kickin it
Nigga want the work, you know i'm dishing it
I know he snitched, he took time off his sentence
Big Dog, Chico go get it
He ain't got locked for pullin a mission
That nigga got locked for a parking ticket
Cold world, I ain't wearing no mitten
That nigga got killed for faking a image

[Verse 3: YungManny]
He stay wit the rats, Stuwart Little
Call him Malcolm he get shot In The Middle!
I pull up with 4 niggas like the wiggles
Serve on the bus nigga, Ms. Frizzle

[Verse 4: XanMan]
I'll fill him with lead, mechanical pencil
I'm a big dog, they ain't feed me no kibble
Got 2 sticks named Hansel And Grittel
Got a bat on me like Dr. Dolittle
Where his body at? I forgot, solve the riddle
Yeah, 2 Sticks, I'm playin a cymbal
He see the draco rain I don't see a drizzle
Shoot the grandfather I don't care if he crippled

[Verse 5: YungManny]
I'ma Slide on em with a Ruger or pistol
(Uh Uh) I got water I need goggles
The 762 I make him do the wobble
I don't know who to shoot... Spin The Bottle
Shoot his head, now he bald like Caillou
I don't care if you hide nigga I will Find You
That nigga gonna freeze like JR In the finals
I don't gotta hit em I just feel I'm entitled too (Hey Manny yea)

[Verse 6: XanMan]
I'm serving the junkies got clients
They thinking that I'm a family guy like Brian
You not making money you better off dying
2012 in the clip like A Mayan
(Yeah) Stomp on the work like a giant
(Yeah) In the kitchen like I'm frying
(Yeah) I got water, I'm Hawaiian
Load the clip Xan, It's jammed I'm trying

[Verse 7: YungManny]
He said he shoot, Oh My God your lying!
Bro gon hit the baby if she don't stop crying
He not a shooter, he rather just type it
Cut his hand off, ARGH! Pirate
Hit the grandfather now he got arthritis
Margiela stepping now I'm fly like a pilot
We gon do the dash, I ain't talkin bout hyphen
Bro might kill his son, Abraham and Issac
(Uh, Yeah I said hello to my shoota, Uh Uh Hey Shoot Hey shoot hey shoot, hey, hey shoot)
(Backdoor, Hey Xan, Hey Manny)
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