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Moana Lyrics

YungManny – Moana Lyrics

Fa, Rocket launcher, Osama
In the kitchen, whippin' ramen
Wait , 'dat ain't noodles
Whip up the white girl, Madonna
Ooo, I meet da plug back in Wakanda
2 seat baby I ain't driving no Honda
Dripping dat water, Ocean, Moana
I don't play hockey but I keep a stick
Your boyfriend (sorry), He 'da lick
28 Gs boy I keep me a zip
Touchdown ('fa) Carson Wentz
Stay wit' my slat , MoneyReekk
I don't gotta shoot, that's why I got Keek
10 shawties wit' me, minus 7, that's 3
Oooh, Spray, Fresh, Febreeze
I shoot like a picture, cheese
Shoutout my brother, Hey Leek (Hey Bro)
Dump his body in the creek
Shh', Don't tell the police

I keep a kitty like hello
Bro keep a extendo, He shooting just like Carmelo
In da' street 24/7 like Elmo
3 shots, jiggle 'lil baby, jello
Making it rain, need a poncho
He want da' cheese, No, it's nachos (not yours)
Andele Amigo, pronto
Shoot score, (uh) Lonzo

I keep a 9, Rondo
Stay wit' dem' bells, Taco
Pack came from Denver, Broncos
Beat up the pack like I'm playing da' Congo
Ice, Freeze, Burr', Ritas
Shoot, can't see me, John Cena
I got Candela, Senorita
Chopping & Flipping, Korea
I ain't a citizen, No visa
2 in his brain, Amnesia
Ooh, She bad, Diva
Neckin, (wow) keeper

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