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Bonfire, Pt. 2 Lyrics

YungManny – Bonfire, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Hey Ma-what? Uh
Hey Manny! Yeah
Ya dig, huh?
Man got tookas in her cup
I got two in my, fuck, I forgot
Uh, uh, fuck?

*Brrr* Ring ring, Hello?
I got a Glock and I, uh, shoot it
Nine years old making plays off a scooter
I don't care where you live, lil' nigga, do it!
Feel like Nick Cannon, *Bah* Drumline
Nigga bluffing, only seen a gun one time
Lil' bitch scared, I can tell cuz he tongue-tied
If he purping at night, get him gone by the sunrise
Uh, walk down, bitch, I'm on man time
Uh, run down hoe, landslide
Uh, your boy in the back, his hands tied
Goddamn, you see how your mans died?
Semi-automatic; *frr, bah, frr, ss-ss*
Sound like it stuttered
I got one more bullet for you and your brother
Put the Glock to your lips *smooch* pucker
Hey Xan, pass me the .40
I'm in the field, nigga, Devin McCourty
Stay in the house, nigga, I feel like Cory
And I got that water, nigga, Finding Dory
12 gauge, I feel like Aaron Rodgers
I'm on a roll, I ain't talking 'bout honors
Safeway hot, we gon' shoot him at Shoppers
Give that nigga a shot, I feel like a doctor
Stay with my brother like Michael and Tito
Spit in his face, now I feel like Carlito
I'm at Benihanas, bitch, you still eat at Ledo's
Lil bitch nasty, I call her Rico
I feel like Meek, I pull up with the R.I.C.O
Hannah Montana, I stay with Rico
Bro in the trap and he working with kilos
I got all the straps, I feel like a cheat code
Big Time Rush, nigga mad like Gustavo
If I'm in some beef, I'm sliding with Lapo
I give him a shell like I'm serving him tacos
G-Star, hit him, *bang* bravo
Stick in my hand, now I feel like Picasso
I'm in Denver like I play for the Broncos
On that bullshit like I'm from Chicago
Stick in the shell, I feel like Leonardo, uh
Do you remember?
Down bad hitting licks in September
Backdoor season, go check the weather
You ain't special, boy, we juuging whoever
You said you gon' shoot, why you pretending?
Thirty deep, you don't know who I'm sending
Indian goon work at 7-Eleven
He say he from the hood, he really from Bethesda
Ha! Yeah!

Hey Sean, hey Leek, uh
I got a clip like Oh Zay, uh
Spanish lil mama, Olé, uh
She whipping up the Chipotle
Hey Xan, where you at shooter?
Hey halmes, yeah, huh, what?
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