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Meade Baby Lyrics

YungManny – Meade Baby Lyrics

[Intro: YungManny]
Uh, hey Manny, uh, you dig?

[Verse 1: YungManny]
I got that white, blanco
Mexican shooter with shells, taco
Uh, snotty-nosed shooter, Roscoe
Slide with a drake, walk down in Toronto, uh
I mix that Sprite with that four of Wock', uh
Clean up his block with that Clorox, uh
Connect 4, uh, give him four dots
Two SMG's got me walkin' like robots, uh
Ooh, I got that clip like Triller, uh
Oh, you not trappin'? I figured
G-Live from Germany, baby, I'm Hitler
Uh, girl you need to change your filter
Ooh, I got a lick on my hitlist
Santa, I want a chopper for Christmas
Fire, I'm givin' shots like a nurse
Ah, walk down gang, boy I'm slidin' with Splurge

[Verse 2: Splurge]
Yeah, I got the Glock, ain't no safety
These are designer, these jeans aren't from Macy's
Hop in the foreign car, me and gang racing
Try to run off with a pack, chopper chase him
I shoot the chopper from far 'cause I'm lazy
Fuck on a fan, lil' bitch wan' have a baby
Come to the show with a left 'cause I'm crazy
Young nigga sit on the throne like I'm Jay-Z
Yeah, spend all this money, I'm splurgin'
Pull out the Glock, leave him dead on the curb
They think I'm lackin' 'cause I'm off the syrup
I air the bitch out, I don't care what you heard
Air the bitch out and then leave, yeah
Designer sit like disease, yeah
We smoke that shit out a peep, yeah
Fuckin' the bitch from the beach, yeah, yeah

[Verse 3: YungManny]
Thick drop, lean, uh
Arm & Hammer, OxiClean
Stop tryna trap, it's not in your genes
Stop callin' me bae, you ain't gettin' no green, uh
We spin a bend, no fidget
Mami, she whippin' that jollof, kitchen
I stay with a plug, I ain't talkin' extension
If I said it... haha, if I said it, I meant it
Uh, ayy, keep, uh, shoot
What you say, I really do
Like J-Ray, he a lit, move him
Are you a goon? Huh, prove it
Ooh, I keep that iron like Stark
He said, "Ooh, I got work," call his men out the park
Hit the pack with my elbow, I feel like The Rock
It's a hole in your man, it's a hole in my socks, you dig?

[Outro: YungManny]
Uh, uh, Hey Manny
Yeah, you dig?
That Splurge flow
Hey Splurge, hey Splurge, hey Splurge
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