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Glock (Outro) Lyrics

YungManny – Glock (Outro) Lyrics

[Verse: YungManny and Xanman]
40's, extendos
Ri-right through your window
Chopper make him lean back, limbo
"Aye yo halmes you wan’ pull up for the stick, what the fuck, halmes?" Ditto
White shooter down the street, he a hippie
Pew, pew, pew
Smack the plug like Nipsey
I got a pump shotgun--"RICKY!"
Free take a nigga cap like Tilly's
Put the AR in the tub, Whitney
Aye Xan, get the pump, I feel like 50
I feel like Santa, I slide down your chimney
Stick in my hand like the niggas with Timmy
Spanish plug run down in a soccer cleat
Aye holmes, did this nigga just say he was robbing me?
Aye, aye, mix this shit up, fool
Hol', hol’, hol', what the fuck, halmes?
Bitch sold us some broccoli?
Uh, yeah, bitch, uh, get off me
Brr, Hello? Yeah, stop calling me
Aim at his mouth, teeth fucked like Cardi B
Two tone stick might clog up an artery
Bro Xan, why you shoot him?
I heard that he snitching
So why you shoot the shooter?
His shooter kept missing
Lock up my shoes like I'm going to prison
Get a bop-up, no, I ain't kissing
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