Verse 1

Fuck yall im gettin cash
Feelin green im gon smash
Take yall out yall like trash
Dead bodies ina car crash
Wet pussy?my dick splash

Old rappers?new lunch
Sip they blood like a fruit puch
No breakfast i'll have brunch

Being there
Done that
Faker rappers
I kill em
Bitches they love me

The crown bitch,i own it
My DNA they clone it
Im the best and yet i've shown it
That beefin?postpone it

My dick mahn she ridin
This 'us' thing she lovin
That pussy she providing
On my dick she residing

'my bitch be the baddest
Her ass be the fattest
Her pussy the tightest'

On the beat im the greatest
On the flow im the illest


Can u twerk it like u say it?
Can u twerk it like u say it bitch?
Can u twerk it like u say it?
Bend over on your knees
Then work it bitch

Verse 2

Now usually i dont do this
But your hoe is gon feel this
Now maybe i shouldnt say this
Mahn fuck that im gon say this

See i run the game
And i own the game
And its such a shame
Yall niggas r lame
On the holy grail
Shit aint ever the same

Say my name
Say my name
Drop it down bust it open for a nigga
When i come around sippin on this liquour
U gotta smack it to the floor like a beaver


Verse 3
Im that cute face mafucker
Your girlfriend i fuck her
Young nigga i had her for supper
I fuck her with no rubber
At that time my mind in the gutter

She even call me daddy
Says my dick is sweeter than candy
When i fuck her i make it snappy
She aint my girlfriend well sadly
But i fuck her so im happy
Her pussy comes in handy
Yet she loves me so madly
But im tryn'a keep it classy
Coz i love whats under her panty

Its Stunner
So no drama
Bitch i fucked u in the shower
U know i fuck u for an hour
All the money n the power
Remeber we fucked under the towel
Told u bitch we undercover
So im sorry i cant be your lover
Make it hot like we in Summer
Bitch u old news like a hummer
But im still that cute face mafucker
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Like U Say It Lyrics

Yung Stunner – Like U Say It Lyrics

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