Verse 1

Mahn i woke up with a bitch
I aint even know her name
If u talking lastnight
Man a nigga aint ashamed

Spending money like its nuhn
Coz im gon' get it back
UMG gon' be paying
While im stackin' em racks

See me poppin' em bottles
My girl look like a model
Rolling like a VIP
My haters gon' RIP

I pray to god that he keeps em
So they see me suxeed
And make em eat off my feet
They limits im gon' exceed

M that bad mafucker when i pull at the club
Always wanted em bottles
Now im makin' em pop
On my way to the top
I know u haters gon' talk
But yall can keep ass talkin'
Bitch u know im getting rich


Lastnight i went hard
Ciroc and all
This be how i roll
Lastnight a nigga spendin' money
U gotta come down to the section
And see we spendin' huneds

Verse 2

Now m chilling with the baddest
And if u aint seein it then believe me its the latest
Im the greates
Im the illest
Bitch im rollin' with my niggas
Yeah im rollin' with fam
Your bitch my #1 fan

Im that LE ROUX nigga
Who's taking over
When im with em bitches
They bend it over
Red lights on
Tell em pull over
Lyk a cop car
Bitch i raise the bar

Like WTF u talkin 'bout?
Hater m here to crush your dreams
Fuck u on 'bout?
M like the rap king
Yall niggas aint shit
Yall niggas so weak
Share her pussy
Like a link


Im still the same old Stunner
N when u look at me
Im who u wanna be nigga
Coz when she looks at me
Im who she wanna fuck nigga
Cute-faced nigga bitch im gettin' all em pussies

Yall still hating?
On this young nigga?
That be why yall tripping?
When yall see a nigga?
See i aint hating it
Coz i endourse yall niggas
And i dint hate yall
Matter-fact i love my haters

Shoutout my day 1 niggas
I dint give a shit 'bout a hating mafucker
U doin' good
U doin' bad
They still hate this mafuckers
Aint nuhn good enough for this hatin' mafuckers

M sick n tired of being sick n tired
If u hatin' on my fans bitch its shots fired
Tell em mafuckers they aint got nuhn on me
So wah u say bitch?
Nah u cant tell me nuhn

N uma rep for my hood
Wave for my haters coz they do they jobs good
Shoutout to my niggas hold it down at P.std
Man so much hate makes me wan' a fresh start


And now haters gon' hate
Buh IDGAF coz m blowing up my cake
Spend it with my niggas who bein down for me day 1
My haters look at me like
Damn Stunner u the shit

Thought i told yall
That im the best
Lemme repeat this shit
Bitch im the best
Fuck now yall depressed?
Man im feeling blessed
Coz my soul's possesed
And Jesus is my guest

And i aint tripping coz I Got It
Got a cute bitch
Nice titties and she gimme pussy
Tell em haters got a truck
Full'a ass plate
Aint no rappers in my way
Coz i terminate em

[Writter : Tshepo Dwayne Le Roux]
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Lastnight Lyrics

Yung Stunner – Lastnight Lyrics

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