Damn Right I Got It(X2)
Money Hoe I Spend It
Bitch U Damn Right I Got It
U Damn Right I Got It
Wifey I Got Her
Bitch U Damn Right I Got It
Haters I Got Em...
Bitch U Damn Right I Got It

Verse 1

I'm the kind'a nigga who don't take no shit
Never drownin m sailin like a ship
Leadin em niggas they my mafucken sheeps
Ask Strippers they know that shit
Killing em niggas by fucking the verse
All em niggas b tripping they wanna be hers
Bad-luck on the flow with a mafucken curse
Stunner is killing em niggas and u first


Verse 2
Stunner on the flow
Them niggas still below
Like a robbery get your ass on the floor
Niggas are so couldnt pass through the door
Reapetin' the same shit u stuck on the loop
Why u diving?No water on the pool
Keep the snow white coz u know dat m good
Flow so cold u freezing to death
Haters so loud I'm gon' be deaf
I'm the realist nigga runnin' the earth
Fuck everything that u claimin' u heard
Never alone so stay with your herd
Couldnt pass me, nigga fuck being a nerd
Everywhere I go I'm killing em niggas
Em niggas still miscalculatin' em figures
Gun to your face with my hittas and killas
Aint never heard'a u, u say u a rapper?
Lookin at u damn my nigga u fake
I'm at the top lyk a cherry on cake
In over your head u drown on my lake
That shit u doing 200-lame
Killuh be skating
Em niggas be hating
That shit is degrading
Em bitches be aiming
Like a broker they claiming
An 'Ass' on your chest
U tripping
U fussing
Who the fuck are u saving?
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I Got It Lyrics

Yung Stunner – I Got It Lyrics

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