The existence,
Should I close my eyes and wait?
For another morning
Makes me wanna break away
From a shattered drawing
The walls between us
Couldn't separate us
I see you rising up with dawn
The time keeps coming
I can hear you coming
But I know you won't be there
Before the midnight

Will you bring us joy or misery?
Is there anything for us to see?
A distant thought of life for us to share
Why is it so hard for us to care?

September morning
Should I go away or stay?
For another day
The rain is falling
As I watch the sky so gray
It feels so lonely
Surrounding silence
Is all that's left beside me
I can't hear a sound
And in the evening
As I lie here still awake
I know you won't be there before the midnight
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Tomorrow Lyrics

Wingdom – Tomorrow Lyrics