Clouds of thunder throw their shadows
Cruel black rain no mercy allows
It's lightning right inside of me
Cold wind tells it's misery stories
Burning flames take their own glories
Only crazy has his crazy dreams

In what could I trust anymore?
Who could create anything new?
My world is totally shaking
Every morning I wake up crying
Gathering the pieces of my heart
Is the life worth tryin'?
Wondering the world and it's art
Sometimes I feel so hopeless

Now that I've gone so far
I'm desperate I'm torn (x2)
God save us

Can't find a place where peace is hidden
Rest and silence; totally forbidden
In this world my thougts are conflicting
This desert wants it's next pure victim
These tears won't end this thirsty feeling
These snakebites won't get healed by time

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A Sigh Of Despair Lyrics

Wingdom – A Sigh Of Despair Lyrics