There's no coastline anywhere
Just me and restless sea
I'm taken by the current
That's slowly killing me
I'm drowning in a fear
Got no strength to hang on
As I see the fading surface
I'll slowly close my eyes

I'm floating in a void
I'm afraid it's all in vain, there's no reason
Why should I go on?

I thought I would never fall
I had it all, never needed more
Still I couldn't save myself
From this gradual fading
At times I feel you should save me
Cleanse me from my sin, let me rest by the spring
Of living water
Change my life, heal me, without you I would only
Give it up and die

Far away I can see the lighthouse shining
So far away I feel that I have drifted
But I know, there's no place on earth where you
Wouldn't find me
No such darkness where your light wouldn't be shining

Surrounded by the waves with chains around my feet
I'm craving for a freedom that would release me
In the distant sky I see a shade of light
That light begins to rise but I'll slowly close my eyes
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Lighthouse Lyrics

Wingdom – Lighthouse Lyrics