Flipping through pages of my archives

[Verse 1]
And the more I flip
The more I wanna rip up
Every single page and start over,
Just quit

I know I’m good,
But am I great?

I don’t wanna hang,
I don’t wanna play

Cognitive dissonance,
I’m feeling estranged

Flipping through,
Got me going insane

They think I’m smart,
They think that I’m the brain

All I got to show for my degrees
Is this flame

Flipping through pages of my archives


[Verse 2]
Another 24 hours,
Another phone call I’m dodging

To be social or keep quiet—
My dilemma

Recording like one of the only times
My thoughts ain’t censored—
I’m so private
I sure do miss the old times

The old me slowly died
In agony amidst a burning fire

Mentor think I’m withdrawn

I am not the same
I love different than I did before,

Crazy how even from a distance
I still love you Moore

I still love you more
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The Memo Lyrics

William Bender Jr. – The Memo Lyrics