The core of the body shot down repeatedly,
Certainly there is an emergency.

The piece and the part most valuable is

Considering what is left is in the right place
It should not matter most where the mind
Race. . .

I’ve died several times now but of course, I
Am lively;

Because living is a choice still love plays its

It’s been a lifetime since I loved the right way,
Very shortly I get to see your face.

You look like milk to Tom cat
Or cheese to
Jerry mouse or like a house
To the homeless.

That’s how beautiful you look like 2me
Damn, I wish you could see.
You should be jealous of my eyes.
Damn, I wish I had three.

You like a flag to a Patriot
Or stones to a sculptor,
Or Sculptures in a portrait
Depicting Bones to a culture

You look amazing.
You look like a grape to a raisin
Or like ice cream when it’s
Blazing or bacon when it’s frying;
You look a lioness to a lion.

Love. Nawww, I don’t just talk it. I live it.
Love. I get it. I show it. Walking testimony.
A poet. Heroic or whatever. Hard to read
When I’m stoic. So whatever.

Can you feel me?
Why we play these games,
Why play these games?

Can you feel me?
Need you right here with me,
Right here with me

Can you feel me?
Why we play these games,
Why play these games?

Life so unpredictable
No telling where imma go—
But I know I gotta go

Hope you come home . . .
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Again, Love (A Poem) Lyrics

William Bender Jr. – Again, Love (A Poem) Lyrics