Let me do that thang right quick, right there like right quick, let me do that thang right quick

[Verse 1]
What’s love got to do with it if we don’t trust?
I think we lust,
I think it’s not just us.

Perhaps we gave up.
Maybe you bouta change the game up.
I couldn’t blame you—
But on my Beyoncé,
You’re no angel.

You know I’m fragile.
If I can’t have you then nobody can have you.
So possessive,
I don’t regret it.

You passive aggressive.
I bring up topics and you act like I ain’t mention
The most important things that you be forgetting.

Let’s just talk when you make it back,
We too deep in ain’t no going back.

What does love really gotta do
With all the things we been going through?

What is love really?
What is love really?
What is love really?

[Verse 2]
What does it really mean?
Is it still love if you cheat?
Is it still love if you strike the woman that you claim mean something?

Is it love if you fuck around?
What is love if you out of town?

Somebody tell me what the fuck is love,
Flesh and bone—I’m all love.

[Verse 3]
This poem titled ‘Love’
Is for you
Whom I love

I’m as complicated
As the song
Which I sing—
However it’s clear to me
That I love

Love is a song
With no ending—
The beginning of forever

Love isn’t scary
It may seem like love is blurry
Love is hard to make out,
Love shouldn’t be so

Love should be
As it is

Love as you are
You are perfect

Love, love, love
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Poem Titled Love Lyrics

William Bender Jr. – Poem Titled Love Lyrics