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The Brothel Song Lyrics

White Bob – The Brothel Song Lyrics

Huh huh, White Bob up in this bitch! With something
New. Check it out ya'll...

One to the two to the three to the four,
White Bob knocking on a brothel door
Then I rang the bell, it went ding dong,
" Open up, I'm in need of some serious attention!"
Then this petite young blonde, she let me in,
Asking greetings sir, what will you be wanting?
I said what do you think? I'm here to fuck!
But make sure I get plenty of bang for my buck
This confused her, she pulled a face and said hey?
We don't accept dollars here, this is the uk
I said I know that lil momma so don't you act cute,
Just see I get exceedingly good value
And I'm getting kinda horny so cut the chat,
Get those panties down and let me see your twat
She said no sir, you've made a mistake you see,
Although I work here I'm only the secretary
I said alright then we don't have to go to bed,
But hows about instead you give me a little head
A bit of White Bob in ya mouth lil momma,
Cos let me tell you this, you're one hell of a stunner
Work that mouth up and down on my big thing,
And don't you worry if you can't fit it all in

Cos it's bow wow wow, yippy yo, yippy yay White Bob's
In ya motherfucking house!
Bow wow wow, yippy yo, yippy yay, White Bob could
Be in ya motherfucking mouth!
Yes I'm White Bob and I just don't stop,
Open wide bitch and feel me at the back of ya gob
And I'm a real rapper, I'm sure you've heard of my name,
And once you fuck with this honkie, you won't be the same

She said no sir, I can't see that happening,
But theres a nice girl upstairs and she's ready and willing
I said alright then I guess she'll have to do,
But once I've finished with her, I'll come back for you
So she took me upstairs to this fat old hoe,
Looked less like a woman, more a rhino
And I suddenly came over feeling rather unwell,
As from her pussy came this most unpleasant smell
I thought I've got to get out of here, I simply must leave,
My hooter can't take much more, I'm going to heave
And while trying to focus my mind through this nasty stink,
She confessed to be a fan of my music
Bloody hell I thought, now I really can't stay,
She likes my rapping, she is in a bad way
And I really can't take much more of this pong,
How the hell am I going to get out this situation?

So I said I'm not that rapper, I'm a lookalike,
She said I recognise ya voice and I know I'm right,
And I gather you're here to have s** with me,
I said you weight a bit much darling, I'll have to see
I might consider if this honkie gets to go on top
She said no White Bob, I wanna ride your c***
Look don't get me wrong girl, you've a nice large bust,
But if we do it that way, I might get crushed
Luckily she didn't take offense to this,
But one person who did and that was her pimp
A big fat fucker, who was clearly well fed,
With a look on his face as if constipated
Then he threw me out onto the street
Said you don't talk that way bout our fine pieces of meat,
And by the way, I think your rappin is crap,
Leave this establishment and never come back
So I set off home feeling not best pleased
In for another evening of adult dvds

Virtual s** with Tera Patrick tonight I think...

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