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Don't Fucc Wit Us Lyrics

White Bob – Don't Fucc Wit Us Lyrics

White Bob Intro: Oh yeah, this is a White Bob, Small
Seyss collaboration... In your ear-ole. Seyss I don't
Know if your aware but theres been a lot of net geeks
Hatin on us recently. Time we took these suckers out.
You feel me? Check it.

Now on the internet recently I've come under some serious attack,
White Bob ain't shit, his lyrics is wack.
What can I say to this, well I think it's a great shame,
Now all you motherfuckers had better peep game.

See your comments don't mean shit to me, can't none of you cuss,
You're in competition against a true lyrical genius
Who's that you ask, why that person is me,
The Mr W. H. I. T. E B. O. B

And I didn't find it amusin that fool who called me White Boob,
You think you're a comedian? Then you need to retire dude
You think this white boy's clownin, that I'm just for fun?
You'll get a severe pistol whipping from my B. B gun

See I've got so many weapons of mass destruction,
It'd make xzibit turn his back on me and run
That goes for all these other rappers in the D. P. G,
The White B. O. B, you just don't fuck with me

And with my homeboy Small Seyss don't fuck with us,
Cos we've a reputation on the streets as highly dangerous
And if you're a young lady listenin who objects to this,
You can get down on your knees and suck on my pee-nis

Oh, my bad... Was that a little too explicit?
I could apologise but I really don't give a shit
Just wanna let the people on the streets all know,
You fuck with us, we fuck with you're hoe

So Don't fuck Wit Us
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