I talk way too much to myself
Sometimes I'm overheard
And these words they trip, twist and burn
Ones I never meant to hurt

Today is better than someday
'Cause life is an adventure
And I'd rather have you than a plan any day
One day we'll look back at now and say
I'd never trade a day away
'Cause that was time I spent with you

Talk, talk, talk to me
Don't let me speak, I've said enough already
Sing or laugh at me
If nothing else just to hear your voice
'Cause I like the things you do
I wish I could act like you
This world could use a few more beautiful girls like you
I love the things you say
And I wanna be that way
My world is quite a bit more beautiful with you

Trade away
I'll never trade away
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Someday Lyrics

While We're Up – Someday Lyrics